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Tired of that stale turkey smell by Boxing Day? Stop overpowering aromas lingering in your home! The Fresh Air Globe™ from JML lets you take control of the indoor air you breathe. The ingenious all-natural breakthrough in clean air technology uses ordinary water to trap and filter dirty air. This must-have purifier can provide relief to the 75% of people who suffer from airborne allergens, or live with someone who does. So why not give the gift of cleaner air this Christmas?

  • Reduces harmful levels of bacteria to keep you and your family healthy
  • Neutralises nuisance odours by up to 80%
  • Great for tackling tobacco and cooking odours
  • Works a treat on pet odours too
  • Use it throughout your home - kitchen, lounge, bedroom, etc
  • 2 essences included; healing eucalyptus and soothing lavender
  • Mains adaptor included.