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World Eco Spa 

Includes touchscreen, stainless steel 3 HP pump/waterjets/drive assembly, adjustable headrest, customer hand-held control with "hold" button to pause water jets on any body location and to adjust water pressure/pulsation frequency. Pre-wired GFI assembly (domestic only).

Standard Items Included
Touch Screen - open/close Canopy, start/stop, water bar travel memory to isolate areas, session time selection, diagnostic and selection of "Single Direction" (lymphatic Massage) or "Double Direction" (head to foot / foot to head) massage.

Customer Hand-Held Control - for adjusting water pressure, pulsation frequency and a "Hold" button to pause water jets on any body location.


Adjustable Professional Massage Headrest

Stainless Steel 3 HP Pump - with water jet and drive assembly

Nylon Covers - 2 sets for the canopy, cushion and armrest

Standard Colors for Nylon Covers
Royal Blue, Orchid/Plum, Light Blue/Turquoise
Several optional colors available.

Standard Colors for Lower Frame and Canopy
White, Ivory, Black Gray
Optional Colors available.

Compatible with most External Timer Systems
T-Max, Token, Smart Card, Credit/Debit Card