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AR Healthwise Ltd specializes in the distribution of all of the excellent Aqua Massage products in the UK. There are 3 basic Models, World Eco Spa, Aqua Massage....  read more

03.12.2007 New products added to our expanding products list.

18.12.2007 Aqua Massage was short in stock. When the new stock arrives it will be notified on the website.

25.12.2007 Special discount on all products till the end of the year.

30.12.2007 Financial statements published.  

Aqua Massage XL 250 Profiler
New contemporary style with stainless steel canopy, water jets and pump, and the Body Profiler Control Systemô, adjustable cushion system and pre-wired GFI assembly (Domestic Only). Also includes the *AVA Relaxation System* which features an Audio-CD/MP3 player system with headphones, Variable speed fan and Aromatherapy   read more

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